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At Khish the Work, we consider each pair of shoes to be a "work of art", and we are meticulous about finishing each pair of shoes.

We value not only the beauty of the work itself, but also the beauty of the form created by following the shape of the foot.
We also imagine the memories and tastes that will deepen over time as we spend time with the shoes, as we carefully create each piece.

Ken Hishinuma

Ken Hishinuma

菱沼 乾

I became a shoemaker because I love leather shoes so much. Even after becoming a shoemaker, I still enjoy leather shoes as one of shoe lovers.
There is no end to the enjoyment of wearing, looking at, polishing, and making leather shoes. I wouldn’t be happier if I could share these joys with you.

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Khish's Collection

1.Made to Order

2.Number Collection


Khish has three lines with different concepts: Made to Order / Numbers collection / Bespoke.

1.Made to Order

MTO is an abbreviation for Made to Order, and is a made-to-order product that is manufactured by customizing the size, material, and detail specifications according to the customer's order.
MTO has developed a shoe last that is easy to walk in and fits most people, although it does not fit each individual foot.
Orders can be placed through our online store or at exhibitions and order shows.

$1,400(tax included)〜

Construction : Hand welted and Machine stitched sole
Size : UK4.5~9.5 11 sizes
Online shop of MTO

2.Numbers Collection

This is a collection of shoes that I have carefully created and realized. Please find your favorite shoes.
All items are one-of-a-kind and numbered. After being displayed at exhibitions, they will be sold as ready-made items.

Prices vary for each shoe.

Construction : Hand welted and Hand stitched sole
Contents : Leather shoes, shoe tree, shoe box, shoe bag
The Gallery Past Collections The Information on Past Exhibitions


These are fully custom-made shoes that are made from a last based on the measurements of the customer's feet to suit each individual customer.
As the name of "Bespoke" suggests, we speak each other everything from fitting to design to create the perfect pair.

450,000 yen- (495,000 yen- including tax)

* If you do not visit our store at least once (including overseas), we will check your temporary shoes twice, 480,000 yen- (528,000 yen- including tax)
(The second and subsequent pairs will be made ¥66,000 off: the cost of the last)

Construction : Hand welted and Hand stitched sole
Contents : Leather shoes, shoe tree, shoe box, shoe bag

Order Flow


Please make a reservation using the Bespoke reservation form. I will contact you by e-mail to discuss the schedule of measurements, etc.

2.Design consultation and foot measurements

I will take your measurements at my workshop (currently located in Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi, Japan) and discuss the design, specifications, and materials. Fill in the specifications on the order sheet and sign the contract.(¥253,000 will be charged in advance.)
I will start to make a last and temporary shoes for you.
If you live outside of Japan, there is a way to order without coming to Japan. Please contact me for details.
※Boots and loafers are requested after the second pair.

3.Tentative fitting (approx. 8 months after measurements)

You are invited to visit my workshop and try on a pair of temporary shoes made to fit your feet. After checking the fitting and modifying the last, I will start the main production.

4.Completion (about 1 year half after measurement)

You are welcome to visit my workshop and receive your finished shoes. I look forward to being pleased with your shoes.


Upper materials

Cordovan(Shinki-Hikaku) +¥44,000
Cordovan(Horween) +¥71,500
Wild Boar +¥8,800
Wild Bear +¥22,000(Not available at certain times of the year)

Upper details

Broguing (More than a full brogue)+¥5,500〜
Hand stitching(More than an apron derby)+¥5,500〜


Norwegian welted +¥22,000
Norvegese +¥22,000

Toe steel

General steel steel +¥4,950
Handmade brass plates +¥16,500

Other special leathers and special construction are available upon request.

Bespoke Reservation form

Registration will open on May 6, 2024 at 20:00(JST).


Please send your inquiries via DM to Instagram @khish_the_work as we are currently changing the system.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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